Many people have the idea that vegetables start to grow in the spring. That is partly true, because plants need sunlight and heat. But this does not apply to all plants. There are vegetables that do well when the weather gets colder outside. With your own vegetable garden, you don’t have to worry about cultivation in the autumn if you plant these vegetables.

If you want to quickly enjoy your home-grown vegetables, spinach is the ideal candidate. You can also harvest a nice loot from this fast-growing vegetable in the autumn.

Also nice vegetables to plant in the autumn: radishes. These also grow quickly, so keep an eye on them. The following applies to radishes: the bigger they get, the more flavor they lose. So harvest them on time!

If you sow rhubarb, do it in the spring. Unfortunately, that does not mean that you can enjoy it quickly with this vegetable. It takes a lot of time to harvest and eat the stems. But once the rhubarb plant has grown, it will do even with frost. It is therefore more convenient to immediately buy a rhubarb plant, if you want to be able to eat from it faster.

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